Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo 100ml

  • A refreshing shampoo to cleanse and invigorate your hair + scalp while adding texture.
  • Our award-winning shampoo uses texture-building particles to give limp or fine hair a thicker feel. Also enhances natural wavy hair that's ready for styling.
  • Cooling Peppermint refreshes your hair + scalp.
  • Rich shampoo texture for a dense lather.
  • Designed to add grip to your hair to give a fuller feel.
  • Paraben & sulfate-free.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Sleek slim pack slides easily into your pocket, gym bag or backpack for when you're on the go.
  • Scroll down for more tips on cleansing with Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo
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The right stuff

How to Use

Squeeze a dime-size amount into your palm and work into hair for a rich lather. Rinse well. No conditioner? No problem- Peppermint Shampoo leaves your hair with more texture & grip. Great for prepping before styling or if you love that 'second day hair' feel.

Key Ingredients

Our refreshing blend includes peppermint oil and sunflower seed extract to help stimulate hair growth and calm dry scalp. Naturally occurring particles (diatomaceous earth) build texture and give fullness to your hair.


Use a dime-size amount for short hair, nickel-size for long hair. Our slim packs should last up to 4-6 weeks of daily washes.

One Pouch Fits All

The 100ml pack of your favourite shampoo fits in your hand about as well your phone does. Slim enough to throw into your coat pocket, its ready for anywhere.

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