Squeaky Clean Set

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  • Stay squeaky clean & SAVE when you buy Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo in our Stay-at-Home 500ML bottle alongside the refillable 100ML slim pack.
  • This refreshing formula gently cleanses & invigorates your hair + scalp while adding texture.
  • Our award-winning shampoo uses texture-building particles to enhance natural wave or give limp/fine hair a thicker feel thats ready for styling.
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The right stuff

How to Use

Apply a dime-size amount into your palm and work into hair for a rich lather. Rinse well. No conditioner? No problem- Peppermint Shampoo leaves your hair with more texture & grip. *MAST TIP: Easily REFILL your 100ml slim pack once its low by using the 500ml pump dispenser.

Key Ingredients

Our refreshing blend includes peppermint oil and sunflower seed extract to help stimulate hair growth and calm dry scalp. Naturally-occurring particles (diatomaceous earth) build texture and give fullness to your hair.


Squeeze a dime-size amount for shorter hair; nickel-size for longer hair. 100ML slim pack should last up to 4-6 weeks of daily washes. 500ML bottle is great for refilling your slim pack so it never reaches empty in your gym bag. Otherwise our Stay-at-Home size should last up to 4-6 months of daily washes.

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